Second Secret to a Great Wedding Reception

The second secret, from my perspective as a Master of Ceremonies and disc jockey, to having a great wedding reception is: Have the MC/DJ keep track of time to keep your reception on schedule. Here are the 4 reasons why this is important to keep in mind as you select your DJ/MC

1. Great wedding receptions don't happen by accident.  Coming up with a schedule of events and talking about the details of how you want your reception to go is very important. From knowing where to find the toss bouquet to knowing that dinner will be ready at a certain time, it is all important to having a great reception. The Master of Ceremonies should follow your plans on your wedding day so that you don't have to worry about them.

2. The DJ/MC has the microphone.  The goal of the MC should be to use the microphone just enough to inform your guests of what to expect for the night and not too much.  The two main things people want to know are: what time is dinner and where are the restrooms.  By helping communicate the flow of the evening to your guests, they will be able to relax and have a better time because they know what is in store for them.  Also for MC's, perfect practice makes perfect performance of what they are going to say on your wedding day.

3. You get to enjoy the time with your guests.  You shouldn't be worried about where you need to be on your wedding day.  The Master of Ceremonies should come find you when it is time to cut the cake, do toasts, have your first dance, etc.  It's your day, your party, and you should not have to keep track of time!

4. While you might not notice the "downtime" during the reception, your family and guests will.  #1 talks about having a great schedule and following it, but your MC should be able to help you estimate how long every "event" is going to take at your reception so that they can help you create a great timeline.  If there is too much downtime built in, people will notice and will likely leave early.

We specialize in making your day special and one of a kind.  Playing great music is a part of what we do, but helping you have a great reception goes much further than that – it takes a lot of attention to detail and an enjoyment in helping people celebrate one of the most special days in their lives.