First Secret to a Great Reception

From my perspective as a Master of Ceremonies and disc jockey, there are things that can be done that will help make your wedding reception run smoothly and keep me and other vendors from having to ask the bride and groom questions throughout the night.

The First Secret to a Great Reception is: Have the MC/DJ communicate with the other vendors during the reception.  Sounds simple enough, right? To help know what they should take care of, I have 4 additional tips to help keep things on schedule.


1. Talk to the photographer (and videographer) to see how late they are scheduled. This helps them know what time the  special dances need to be done.

2. Discuss the schedule for the night with the photographer, videographer and caterer/hotel staff to let them know what to expect.  Again, we want everything to run smoothly, so it is important to know what time the food is ready and that things will be photographed!

3. Find out how dinner is going to be served with the caterer. People like to eat and will want to know how they are going to get served.  Knowing how they plan to dismiss tables if it is a buffet or what the dinner options are for a plated meal is important, especially to those guests who might have food allergies.

4. Make friends with the bartender and ask them about what types of drinks are hosted and how late the room is scheduled. The bartender and the DJ can both play a big part in how late people stay at your event, so having the two working together can help keep the party going.

These four little things, along with having the complete schedule of events planned out well in advance will help make your reception a success.  Hitting The Mark Entertainment serve the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area as a DJ and MC and look forward to help make your reception the fairytale you always dreamed of!