Anniversary Dance

The Anniversary Dance is something that is requested at about 1/4 of the wedding receptions that we perform at.  One of the things that has always interested me is how many couples come out to the dance floor for that short time to help encourage the new couple in their new life together.

As a DJ, I have used this as a "gateway" dance to encourage people to come out to the dance floor.  By the end of the normal Anniversary Dance, is the couple married for the most number of years along with the bride and the groom still out on the dance floor.  For years, the idea of clearing the dance floor went against what I normally wanted to do, which was fill the dance floor.

This was until I was introduced to the "Reverse Anniversary Dance".  The idea is simple.  Instead of starting off with the dance floor being full and dismissing the married couples as the years go up, start with only the married couple on the dance floor and add married couples to the dance floor as you go up in years. 

By the time you know who has been married the longest, your dance floor will be full and the center can be reserved for those who have been married for the most years! Then I can play some songs that are intergenerational and hopefully keep people out dancing.

So, now you know what the Reverse Anniversary Dance is, and it will be coming to a dance floor near you soon!