Wedding Reception Budgeting

I came across this article from the Des Moines Register yesterday talking about how to save money on your wedding reception.  One paragraph stuck out to me as I read it.

"Couch also suggests investing in a good DJ, which costs much less than a band. If the DJ does not keep guests on the dance floor, many will leave early."

When I read that I thought about how different brides and grooms have different priorities, and that is ok!  It is YOUR wedding, YOUR reception, and YOUR day.  Having great entertainment is only one piece of the puzzle, but it can make a big difference on how you and your guests remember the day.  I recently received an email from a bride, Jessie, whose wedding reception I performed at last year talk a little bit about this.

"I could not have been happier with the job you did for our wedding!  You made us have, according to all of my friends and families, the most fun reception they had ever been to! Thank you!"

We know that there isn't a second chance for your wedding reception.  The best way to help your reception go off without a hitch comes months in advance with the planning and preparation we do with you to know we are doing it right.  YOUR experience matters, and we at Hitting The Mark know that.