7 tips to survive Bridal Expo’s

I love going to wedding expo's and truly enjoying having the opportunity to talk to so many brides-to-be about their wedding reception plans.  It's a great place to meet a lot of different vendors and receive their materials to look at without a lot of effort.

Over the last 10 years of talking with brides and grooms at these expo's, I've learned a few tricks that can hopefully be of some help.

  1. Determine how you are going to sort the good from the bad when collecting informationNothing is worse than getting home from the expo and not remembering who you wanted to call back later.  I recommend a "dog ear" on the corner of one of the pages.
  2. Take your family and friends with you! They will help you remember details about the vendors that you might have forgotten.
  3. Cake samples are delicious! And other food too, so be sure to leave some room for samples before you show up!
  4. Take your time!  These shows are often are crowded, so be prepared to occasionally wait to talk to vendors.  This is also a great time to eat some of the cake and food samples you've been collecting!


Bridal Expo's are also a great time to talk to Disc Jockey's about your wedding reception plans.  Here is my advice on selecting a DJ for your event

  1. Meet face-to-face before selecting a DJ.  The DJ will be representing YOU at your wedding reception, so make sure you are comfortable with their personality. Wedding expos are a great way to do this.
  2. Ask them what helps set them apart from other DJ's.  For the most part, disc jockey's know how to play music. (Playing the right music at the right time also helps!) By knowing what they think sets them apart from the crowd will help you know if you selected the right one or not. 
  3. Ask them about pricing! Every bride has a budget and being sure that the DJ you are talking to fits your budget is important.  There are numerous articles available talking about how important selecting good entertainment at your reception is, so be sure you select somebody with experience performing at wedding receptions and can help make your event great. Remember: YOUR EXPERIENCE MATTERS!

I hope these tips about Bridal Expo's are helpful to you! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!